Friday, February 03, 2006

Everyday Life -- An Adventure

Being at one with nature helps me develop powers of observation, creativity and instills a sense of peace and being at one with the world. Here I carve my flow because every second brings new opportunities. 

"You have infinity before you, eternity. Face it. Thus teaches the god-wisdom: a doctrine of hope, rich with the promise of the future. No man need ever say it is too late — those terrible words, too late. No man need ever say that. Every instant of time is a new choice. As in the past he has made himself what now he is, so in the future he can carve his destiny and make himself to be precisely in accordance with the vision that he has of himself to become in the future. What a grand doctrine! Man is but a reproduction, a cyclical evolutionary reproduction of himself out of the past, in the present, marching into the future. There is your destiny." Wind of the Spirit Gottfried de Purucker

Influences -
Books -
The Spirit of Zen
The Dharma Bums
Breakfast with Buddha: A Novel
Running and Being: The Total Experience
Wake Up: A Life of the Buddha

Websites -
Running Buddhas: Ultra-endurance and the spiritual athlete
Tao Te Ching
Eastern Religion
The Spiritual Athlete's Path to Enlightenment
Harmony with nature
Blazing Splendor
Song of Zazen
CHADO Way of Tea
Ultrarunning is egregious
Getting Started - Ultrarunning
AMC - encourages people to get outside to enjoy and appreciate the natural world
Leave no Trace
Western States 100

Coming empty-handed,
going empty-handed –
that is human.
When you are born, where do you come from?
When you die, where do you go?
Life is like a floating cloud
which appears.
Death is like a floating cloud
which disappears.
The floating cloud itself
Originally does not exist.
Life and death, coming and going,
are also like that.
But there is one thing
which always remains clear.
It is pure and clear,
not depending on life and death.

Then what is the one
pure and clear thing?

~ancient Zen poem

Mount Monadnock
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The Human Route