Friday, September 29, 2006

What's Next?

On the Horizon:

With a successful finish at Pisgah and a nice recovery week it’s time to get back on the trails. On November 4th I’ll be attempting to run the Stone Cat 50 mile trail race held in Ipswich Massachusetts. The course is a 12.5 loop, (four loops for a fifty), mostly double track, with some single track trails located in Willowdale State Forest. There is also a marathon held along with the 50, please check the website for more information. In October I plan to complete a couple more long runs at our local Blue Hills and traverse the 16.9-mile-long Kinsman Ridge Trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire as one final training run. Among other things I’ve been trying to run as many Grand Tree trail races as possible and hope to sneak in one more before SC50. October’s going to be a busy month!

Next Year:

After Stone Cat I think I’ll take a little break, maintain the base mileage for a few months and rest up. If I can settle down for a few months and get some very neglected things accomplished around the house/yard (like re-staining the shingles) then in February I can start training for the 28th Annual Laurel Highlands Ultra held in June =) Yup…I found another race!!!!! I’ll be dreaming of you Laurel…..until then happy trails...

Best of luck and big cheers to everyone running the Portland Marathon this weekend…can’t wait to read the reports next week!