Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's a Blog World

Over the weekend I got the chance to meet up with Sherpa John and Chris McHugh for a fun run at Blue Hills. Being just 20 minutes down the road its nice local ground for hiking and trail running, rugged and ragged, "you're my boy blue". We three trailheads started the day at 8 A.M. and ran for about four hours out and back on the Skyline Trail. It was a damp and wet day on the trials but the temperature held in the high 50's so being a little wet was tolerable. I enjoyed the company, it twas a grand old time and I look forward to more runs with Team Sherpa. During the run Sherpa John approached us with his Team Sherpa idea of a no fee, no budget club of long distance runners where inclusion and good will is the mission. Please feel free to stop by Team Sherpa Blog and if you so desire, please join us!

With temps in the teens today I decided it was time to hit the treadmill at my gym. The good thing about being indoors is I got to wear my Marathon Maniacs tank for the first time this year, maybe it was a little to much but heck I wore it proud by doing a good tempo run and was very surprised to run six miles in 47 minutes, my face was beat red when I finished, now that I sit here and think about it maybe I did look like a maniac???

Everyone seems to be enjoying the snow except us New Englanders, I just checked the weather and it finally looks like we may get our fluff!

Have a good one out there....
Goodnight blogland