Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On the Rebound

Thanks for all the well wishes!

Well Rested
Rest is good but I can't rest for long. I was itching to get out this weekend and run but refrained because I told myself I would start fresh this week. I dove back into the routine and completed B2B 7 mile runs, well it hurt and lol was a slow struggle but I think I broke thru because today I felt better, getting to enjoy the high 40's and the sun on my back was a nice bonus. Boston is covered in a sheet of ice so running has been an adventure of the slippery kind; I think this weekend I'll drill some sheet screws in an old pair of trail running shoes. Maybe this will help me navigate the inch of ice layering the trails.

The Daily Grind
Welcome to Dullville…not much going on around here! I’m at an all-time low for blogging words.
Trying to stay healthy and keep my base stable through the winter months. This upcoming weekend is the Hyannis Marathon in Cape Cod. A few weeks ago I tried to register for this event but it was sold out at 400 people, honestly I was surprised I didn’t expect that for a winter marathon. I guess it was a blessing in disguise because I wouldn’t have been prepared to run this distance. I’ve been busy browsing websites looking to find a few good/fun races to help me prepare for my goal race Vermont 100. I have my eye on a few destinations but I’m not committing myself yet, I may plan my own 40 mile training runs along the Massachusetts Midstate Trail.
Hey if anyone is looking for a good ultra running article - I found this Transition from Road Running to Ultra Running, the author even included a 12-week training schedule. Enjoy and maybe some of you marathoners out there who are on the fence this will tempt you to the darkside, actually I should say lightside.

"Th-th-th-that's all folks!"