Friday, May 04, 2007


The Road to VT100

I feel like every race, every run, and every step I’ve taken over the years has brought me to this moment.

Shakespeare said it best, in Julius Caesar: "bid me run, and I will strive with things impossible”

I’ve been gradually working my way up the ladder:

- 5K never thought 3.1 miles could hurt like that especially when you’re young and you think you’re in shape, then you quickly come to the realization your not! I call this 5K the hard way

- 10K put in a little more training for this distance. Key training elements - began to learn about pace/splits. Five and dimes are great distances, lots of fun local races with character.

- Half-Marathon before my first half I thought about training for a fast 5K or 10K but the idea to run twice as far sounded more intriguing GO FIGURE. After crossing the finish line on my first half-marathon I honestly couldn’t have run another mile if you made me. I think at that exact moment my dad said “can you imagine turning around running back” it was hard to imagine but the idea stuck. Key training elements proper nutrition/fueling, long runs, tapering, pacing, stretching, making mistakes and learning from them

- Marathon the runners ultimate dream distance. Unforgettable experience, the road to a marathon is hard work but worth every step! Key training elements - speed work programs (tempo runs, intervals, strides), cross training, heart rate training, staying hydrated, listening to my body. During this process I learned I had: The courage to start, The strength to endure, The resolve to finish

- 50K a little longer than a marathon but when you surround yourself with mountains and single track trails it makes for an exciting adventure. On top of that add a community of volunteers and runners that are welcoming, supportive, helpful, full of good spirits and you’ve got yourself an ULTRA. I found my passion Ultra Running! Key training elements - be consistent, perservere

- 50 Miles I loved the journey can’t wait to do it again and go twice as far! Key training elements - Long Slow Distance Running, getting extended TOF (Time On Feet), pain management = ), positive attitude

Make Mistakes
Learn Your Passion
Love the Journey