Thursday, August 09, 2007


Monday 7/30 I jumped back into my running regiment and for some reason getting back on the trails has help work out the lingering aches and pains. I did lose one toenail but everything else seems to be okay. On Saturday morning I met Kevin and his friend Prentice (yup Prentice is his first name “it’s a small world”) out in Blue Hills for a nice easy two hour run. We opted to stay on the green Bungee Path instead of the challenging blue Skyline Trail. It was a nice social run through the picturesque Blue Hills Reservation. After Kevin’s 32 mile leisure run at VT100, he ran the Jay Challenge the following weekend, a tuff 50K course through the Vermont Mountains, streams and mud. Kevin recently registered for the Vermont 50, this will be his first 50 miler so I’m hoping to escape daddy duties on Sunday 9/30 and run this one too. I can’t get enough of those Vermont hills.
I feel well rested and have been in the groove during my mid-week runs. On short runs I have one speed and that’s full throttle, hard and fast, I always start a run saying today is a recovery run but go out like a bandit. I just can’t change this style of running; I step out the door the fresh air hits me I just let loose and go TEMPO. Today I ran 7 miles in 50 minutes; I’m really not sure what that’s all about?

Already seeking out the next BIG ONE! Western States applications are up for the June 28, 2008 running. I’ll have to think long and hard on this one? It’s worth a shot, the chance to run Western States is grand but the chances of getting selected from the lottery are slim. Especially with all the WS hype I honestly think they should make the qualifying standards harder, entrants should have to complete one 100 miler within the past years and then meet the current qualifying standards before registering for this event just to eliminate people from making this there 1st 100 and DNFing when others with more experience get sidelined, this would also help to cut back on the overflow of applicants. I don’t know those are just my thoughts on the subject. Fortunately there are many other great ultra’s to think about – in Pennsylvania there is the 75-mile Laurel Highlands Ultra and another interesting event is the 95-mile West Highland Way Race in Scotland. In the meantime I should stop dreaming of more races and see how life is with three kiddos running around! Only three weeks left and we still have a ton of baby things to do.

Take a look at these Montrail Nitrus treads not many miles on these puppies and they’re already shedding…..anyone else have this issue?

Did you know Double Dutch jump rope is considered a cross-training sport, I’m thinkin I’ll add this to my weekly training schedule.