Friday, July 11, 2008

24 Hour Around the Lake Ultra

Well after running a variety of ultras I’ll be adding a 24 hour event to the list. This one sort of jumped on to my calendar. In the past the 24 hour timed ultra events haven’t captured my interest until I found some interesting articles online. I’m looking forward to finding out what it’s all about as I take on the challenge July 25. The positives – close proximity to home, event is held around the scenic Lake Quannapowitt, lot’s of flexibility with 24 hours, great support/aid stations, loop course allows family/friends to visit and run with me throughout the day, can apply the same race strategies from my prior VT100 finish to reach my goal, won’t get lost or go off course, race starts Friday at 7P.M. which gives me the opportunity to tackle the night portion on fresh legs, will have my own aid station with all the gear and amenities I please. The negatives - flat 3.16 mile paved loop worries me pavement hurts I can only imagine what me legs and feet will feel like after pounding it for 24 hours, no hills yes that’s a negative I like uneven terrain it forces me to use different muscle groups, I need a solid strategy the first 12 hours of easy running/hiking. Three goalsbase goal one day 100 miles, Intermediate goal anything over 100+, and the ultimate goal actually a long shot reaching 135 miles in 24 hours. I think this will be a fun challenge, there’s so much strategy and planning when running a 24 hour event if I can just keep myself from stopping loop after loop after loop.