Friday, January 16, 2009



Just how cold is it stop by Maine Runner and see his recent video Making Snow

RUN 100

100 mile run in 2009?

I’ve been searching for my annual 100 mile run for 2009. After my 1st place finish in Around the Lake I was seriously considering filling out a Badwater Ultra Marathon application. Yes Badwater the most grueling footrace which takes place in Death Valley in July, climbs to Mt. Whitney and has no aid stations, the applications are up until 1/19, but I fear this may be just to exhausting for me both physically and economically, entry fee is $750, then you have the flight, hotel fees, van rental, a crew, supplies the price goes on. So then my thoughts drifted out west to the mountains of Bighorn National Park in Wyoming, there’s the Wild and Scenic Bighorn 100 in June but its 140 mile drive from the Billings airport and requires a lot of travel time. So now I’m thinking of heading South for the KEYS 100, my good running friend Thomas has registered and I this would be another extraordinary challenge to run from Key Largo to Key West along the Overseas Highway.

Well time for cold Long Trail and best wishes to all those running H.U.R.T. 100 this weekend.