Friday, February 06, 2009

Blue Hills Weekend

Well if I can't escape to the White Mountains the Blue Hills in Milton is the next best place and it's conveniently only a 15 minute drive from my doorstep. It's a small quiet place to introduce the kids to skiing and finally the weekend temps are going to be rather mild.

Join the staff of Eastern Mountain Sports
for demos, lessons, and hours of fun!
January 24 and 25, February 7 and 8
10 AM-2 PM Free Demos
11 AM and 1 PM One-Hour Intro to Tele Ski Clinics $25
Call Eastern Mountain Sports Ski School
for clinic reservations at 800-310-4504.
TELE ski weekends
At Blue Hills Ski Area
Sponsored by Blue Hills and Eastern Mountain Sports.

On Sunday I'm planning to meet up with the Trail Animals in Blue Hills for the weekly 7AM group run and later that night may try to take some digital photos of the Boston Skyline from Buck Hill my favorite section of the Skyline Trail I'll be sure to bring the little MSR Pocket Rocket Stove to make a hot cup of tea.

Thought provoking article from the Boston Globe The End of Alone

"So why do we feel so compelled to swap messages with people who aren't next to us and rack up hundreds of friends to keep electronic tabs on?"