Monday, March 23, 2009

The Official Unofficial World’s End Marathon

I knew this was going to be yet another busy weekend juggling kids activities, with a father daughter dance, birthday party, sports, and play dates. I emailed my friend Ron earlier in the week who also has a busy family life about running later on in the day Sunday when both of our weekend activities settled down. We agreed and meet just after 4 o'clock for an escape out to World's End in Hingham, MA. I had mentioned to Ron before I've been eying this coastal route and how it would be fun to explore World's End as well which is also part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area and made for some memorable and enjoyable miles. As it turns out the costal route works out better in warmer temps because on our venture out to Nantasket Beach in Hull the strong headwinds quickly had us turning inland. In chance we ran a nice loop along Route 3A/228 and then at sunset logged a few more miles around World's End catching the falling sun’s evening colors over Boston Skyline. With a little encouragement and motivation from Ron we decided not to ditch at 20 and run another 6 mile loop. I was bone tired from a busy weekend and with low weekly mileage was happy to finish up at 26.2 miles. When you have good company and spectacular views it makes all the difference in the WORLD.

Watching this Elmo on youtube with my 1 yold and let me say we both enjoyed it -