Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Presidential Traverse "made it"

Back home in Boston - - completed the Presidential Traverse ended up a solo reverse traverse photos and details to be posted soon

Great trail description referenced from Summit Post

THE PRESIDENTIAL RANGE - Unlike New York State's Great Range, there is no debate when it comes to defining what mountains constitute the famed Presidential Range of New Hampshire. By elevation, this cluster of nine 4,000-foot mountains boasts the five highest peaks in the Northeast, the only 6,000-foot peak and exactly half of the ten mountains to exceed 5,000 feet in this corner of the country. Offering unequalled above treeline hiking for miles on end, the Presidentials are a magnet for groups ranging from Boy Scouts to hard-core mountaineers. Moving north to south across the range, we traverse the summits of Mount Madison, Mount Adams, Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington, Mount Monroe, Mount Eisenhower, Mount Pierce and Mount Jackson. Lying just to the east of the main spine

Climbers and hikers alike have been in love with this area for decades. While Tuckerman and Huntington Ravines on Mount Washington offer some of the best areas in the Northeast to hone mountaineering skills, the one-day Presidential Traverse has become the standard by which all other difficult Northeast hikes are measured. The network of trails in the Presidentials is so complex and well-developed (particularly in the northern part of the range) that it defies logic for this author to describe them here. Suffice it to say that the hiker will not be limited in his or her options. Notably, the Appalachian Trail follows the spine of the Presidentials and is usually the main trail used in the one-day traverse.