Monday, November 16, 2009

Dull November brings the winter

November teeter's between fall and winter like an unfinished painting hanging in the balance awaiting the falling brush strokes of winter snowflakes. It's a dull month...grey skies, shorter days, the last leaves cling to the branches for dear life, while the ground below is littered with fallen comrades, only the robins are left singing as the wintering flocks seek sheltered woods for roosting and feed on nearby fruit-bearing trees. Like the robins I've been doing my fair share of roosting and feeding even my usual Elixir of Running is losing its potency.

Elixir of Running
use: restoring balance and elevating vitality
Source: self
Drink: daily

November recipe:
Add to Elixir of Running -
Vibrma fivefingers, city trail, Ipod playing Coldplay Strawberry Swing
Mix well beware sunlight makes it more potent


Rescue on the Ridge

A Resource to the Mountains

Have you ever wanted to continue climbing mountains through the winter if so check out the Yale Mountaineering Club Winter School. Along with classes the website provides free high quality color pdf lecture handouts. Each section is well written with slides, technique sketches, case studies, and references to prime winter climbing spots in the Northeast. The Ice Climbing section rocks!

"Head for the Mountains"