Friday, February 26, 2010

Ice Climbing Newfound Lake, NH

I’d rather be ice climbing but I’m not so blogging about it is a good fix.
It was an odd feeling leaving Boston in the rain and emerging in snowy Bristol, NH fellow climber Patrick put it “kind of felt like cheating on Mother Nature”. Newfound Lake is a convenient ice crag with great views and exposure. The two main ice climbing routes are Bloodline and DuoFold both with a mix of slopes and bumps. I enjoyed belaying Patrick as he lead his way up the ice flow never missing a step even with the daunting task of placing ice screws along the way. This is my first season on ice and I was pushing the grade but that’s the joy of climbing adapting to the surroundings and learning technique on the fly. Thanks to Patrick who was extremely patient and helpful on belay. I wonder if my wife knows she married an ice murderer.

So I Married an Axe Murderer -
Charlie Mackenzie: Tell me one bad thing that you've done, and it better be evil.
Harriet Michaels: How evil?
Charlie Mackenzie: Really evil. Like so evil, that you would say it was E-VEEL, like it's the FRU-ETS of the DEV-EEL. E-VEEL.

In my excitement to climb I forgot my camera in car but uploaded a few camera phone action shots to flickr

Mooney Mountain Guides blog has some nice shots from above the Lake.