Friday, August 06, 2010

"There is a shark in the water"

"There is a bear in the woods" was the opening line of a television commercial for the 1984 U.S. presidential campaign of Republican Party candidate Ronald Reagan. The commercial featured a brown bear wandering through a forest accompanied by narration suggesting that the bear could be tame or dangerous and that it would be wise to be prepared for the latter. In the final scene a man appears and the bear takes a step back. The ad ends with a picture of Reagan and the tagline: "President Reagan: Prepared for Peace."From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It's hard to believe we got this Top 10 Shark Jumping Videos in Massachusetts.

Photo. Thomas P. Peschak Conservation Photographer - Author - Marine Biologist

I haven't bumped into one in my kayak yet but this definitely has me rethinking about crossing Buzzards Bay from Westport to the Elizabeth Islands.

Good read -
Interview: All-Star Paddleboarder Jamie Mitchell Reveals Training, Tactics, Survial Tips

"Plus, I get bored easily. I could never just ride one type of watercraft. If it’s windy I go paddling, if it’s small, I ride a long board, if the waves are goo, I’ll ride a short board. Why limit yourself?"