Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous Lowe brothers in Colorado?

Does Lowe Alpine ring a bell? Jeff and Greg Lowe are not only the entrepreneurs of the outdoor brand Lowe Alpine but are masters of the climbing world. Best known for testing their gear on the fringe of some of the most technical mountains. Their list of notable ascents is astounding take for instance 1991 twenty years ago “I was sophomore in high school” Jeff Lowe was on Eiger North Face, Switzerland completing an unrepeated ascent of a route he named Metanoia - a greek term meaning transformative change of heart; a fundamental change of thinking.

If I’ve had a metanoia moment it came from climbing a few New Hampshire ice pitches and with my limited experience I can only reflect on the fortitude, determination and endurance it takes to spend nine harrowing days alone on Eiger "one of the most dangerous mountains in the world".

As Krakauer wrote -

"The problem with climbing the North Face of Eiger is that in addition to getting up 6,000 vertical feet of crumbling limestone and black ice, one must climb over some formidable mythology. The trickiest moves on any climb are the mental ones, the psychological gymnastics that keep terror in check, and the Eiger's grim aura is intimidating enough to rattle anyone's poise."

For us mortals the who, why and how will be answered in Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia which is FILMING IN SWITZERLAND RIGHT NOW!! On a low-e note it’s sad to report Jeff Lowe has been unable to climb since 2004, when the effects of his muscular sclerosis made it impossible. Click here for updates and a glimpse of the magic.

Jeff Lowe's Pack Retrieved from Eiger North Face

Jeff Lowe's Pack Retrieved from Eiger North Face from Jeff Lowe on Vimeo.