Friday, July 22, 2011


Sideline logic in an un-logical mind

Bicycle Mount Washington 2/3 Century
Mt. Washington Century Map 2011

Logically if you have a sports related injury you rest maybe take a few days or weeks on the sideline? It took me 66-miles of back breaking hills in the White Mountains to see this logic. With lack of conditioning, experience and technique it was sheer determination I cycled 2/3 of the grueling Mount Washington Century Ride. Painfully I stopped the hills broke me. Disappointed yet fortunate to have finished the day with a good friend, a cold beer and a view.

Paddle Blackburn (DNS)
Blackburn Course Map

Feeling good after a couple long outrigger paddles I threw my name on the OC1 bucket list for the Blackburn Challenge. The Blackburn Challenge is a classic 20+ mile open water circumnavigation of Cape Ann; often referred to as the Boston Marathon of the paddling world.

The breaking point
This year I made the jump from a kayak/surf ski to an outrigger canoe. You paddle an outrigger as you would a typical river canoe which requires a very different stroke technique than that of the double winged kayak blade. I have my suspicions overtraining and improper technique led to a minor back strain. After wasting this week riding the indecisive see-saw I made a decision today to sideline myself…a logical move for an un-logical mind.