Thursday, June 28, 2012

Billabong in the TUBE

For $1.00 dollar you can buy a share of Billabong International Ltd (BBG.AX) - would you invest? 

Headline News -

Glance at a chart of the company’s share price over the last three years, you’ll notice it resembles a big crashing wave but hey Paul Naude the tube counting CEO of Billabong USA isn’t stressed why should we? 

"Paul likes to keep a running score of the number of barrels he gets during each trip. Occasionally, that number inches up toward 100. To his credit though, he only counts the ones he makes." And soon he can add Billabong as 101!

Of course Paul reports all his tube rides to Launa Inman Billabong's new Managing Director and CEO. 

So with Billabong riding the tubes the company recently appointed Launa Inman as the Managing Director and CEO .  I can only guess at the conversation of the last board meeting.  

Launa Inman: Paul how do you feel about the state of the business over the last couple of months and particularly around the supply chain and need or investment that might need to be done?

Paul Naude (CEO of Billabong USA):  Billabong is so cool….let’s sponsor some more surfing events. 

Leadership Team (10-12yolds):  Yeah…we love Hollister!

Leadership Team (30-40yold men):  Can we make a t-shirt for that? 

Paul Naude: Did I mention I was in Tavi catching perfect Cloudbreak, scored up to 100 barrels. (actual statement)      

Launa Inman: I've got kids that are really involved in water sports and they wear Billabong products (actual statement)

Gordon Merchant(Billabong founder): When I was a kid we’d get hold of a mushroom and I’d just take a little bit, just to know how it did affect you, and then I’d know exactly how much to take and then I’d go surfing on it. (actual statement)   

Ted Kunkel(Chairman of the Board): I QUIT!  (unconfirmed)