Monday, September 24, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

4 day blitz in Boulder, Colorado - tick list 
Day1: Eldorado Canyon Wind Tower
Day 2:Lumpy Ridge Batman Pinnacle
Day 3:Mount Toll North Ridge
Day 4:North Table Mtn (sport routes)
Twin Owls legendary Crack of Fear - Lumpy Ridge

Lone Eagle Cirque "Oh, oh, sometimes I get a good feeling"

View of Bastille from Wind Tower. Showing Werk Supp, Bastille Crack, Wide Country, Outer Space, etc.
Lumpy Ridge Estes Park, Co Batman and Robin 5.6 – 5.8 summits the exposed Pinnacle, a mini-Petit Grepon. 3 pitches in S. Dartmouth beach style!

Climbing the North Ridge of Mount Toll with amazing views all the way from the trailhead to the vertigo-educing summit.

Gateway to Indian Peaks Wilderness

Mellow walk out of Lumpy Ridge with day 3 Mount Toll technical summit bid on mind.

Top of Batman Pinnacle - Lumpy Ridge