Saturday, June 24, 2006

Long May You Run

Cranking Neil Young...Unplugged!! On headphones of course, don't want to wake the kids! If anyone is looking for a great summer drink....this does the trick....coconut rum...Roses Lime Juice....and 7-up....I just had a couple of these while watching Neil Young Heart of Gold....great good that I need to buy the DVD and get surround sound! Well it's 12:30am and all I can think about is what 50k to do in September...the Vermont 50k or Pisgah Mountain 50k.

I'm in a rut at the moment, over the past few weeks I've been having breathing issues, I feel like I'm constantly running up-hill.I just can't take a deep performance has taken a step's so frustrating. It may be asthma kicking-in or something to do with this lingering sinus infection. This and lack of training over the past month, I wasn't ready for the challenge of Jay or I'm going to take it easy...and see how I fair over the next couple weeks.

Okay here is my official race schedule:

7/09 Blue Hills Skyline Trail Run (Registered)

9/03 Wapack 17.5M Trail Race Registered

9/10 Training Run # 1 The Kinsman Ridge Trail (16.9 mile training run in NH White mountain Region. The trail runs from Kinsman Notch to the Franconia Notch Parkway)

9/10 Training Run Option 2 Mount Holyoke Trail (18.2M loop)

09/17 or the 24th Pisgah Mountain 50k/Vermont 50k - Will be registering soon :)

10/14 Diamond Hill Trail Run

11/04 Jack London Trail Race

Good luck to everyone out there running the Western States!

Long may you run.....