Friday, July 14, 2006


My South Park Character - Fun Website

Yesterdays run turned into a 6 mile tempo run! It just so happened the evening before I downloaded the Run Lola Run soundtrack onto my mp3 player…this is one explosive soundtrack– honestly this CD should come with some type of SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING….I was jumping park benches, almost broke out in a dance around the Boston Commons!!

Grand Tree 2006

I just mailed in my registering for The Dam Trail race on August 12th looks like another fine trail race in the Grand Tree Series. The GT works on points and you accumulate points for every race you run; your best six races determine your final standings in the series. I think I’m going to give this a shot and run the following races:

The Dam Trail Race
Wapack Trail Race
Pisgah Mountain 50k
Diamond Hill Run
Groton Forest Trail Run
Stone Cat Ale 50mi (okay here’s the scoop from what I’ve read it’s a 12.5 loop on a relatively flat course, which is good for a 1st and I could always DNF to a 50k….what do you think??? Am I crazy for even thinking about this maybe it’s the beer talking =)

My goodness it’s time for a Guinness