Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ramble on

I hate to mention work, (I know the dreaded four letter word) but a career change is on the front with my company starting to outsource our audit department task to India! In my opinion the company is making a huge mistake, but with so much competition I guess India is the only option, plus companies are getting some crazy tax break for outsourcing wtf is wrong in America today??? After 9 yrs with my present company I’m happy to say Avoiur! This is my last week and on Monday July 31 I will be starting my new job working for the State of Massachusetts =) I’m looking forward to this new opportunity and I sure hope I can fit those afternoon runs into my new schedule!!

Enough about work…I would like to thank backofthepack for getting me motivated to send in my check for the Pisgah Mountain 50k on September 17th she is having so much fun training for the Portland Marathon I just had to jump on the bandwagon. Yes I made my descion to run Pisgah!! I was fortunate enough to receive some wonderful feedback from local ultra-runner Mike Bouscaren and he recommended Pisgah over Vermont. The final decision came when I re-read Olga’s comments about VT being a very challenging course..thanks guys =) I’m very excited to make Pisgah my Ultra running debut!!

Wow time fly’s……..I need to take advantage of this cool weather (high 75’s) so I’m off to sneak in an 8 mile run!

See you on the trails!