Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Speed Kills

BANG and there off… there where a ton of runners on the Charles today…everyone sizing everyone up…sometimes I really dislike running in town, I had one fella (I’ll nickname him hare) blew past me in this bright yellow track suit, I thought maybe he was doing intervals or a tempo run, I come around the next bend and he’s bent over looked like he was gona hurl....I think I really bugged him…..he said he was having leg cramps…I just shrugged and thought to myself - speed kills! The tranquility of the woods is calling! This weekend I ran 90 minutes in Noanet Woodlands, I felt great and used my new CamelBak Alterra (great hydration pack), I’m looking forward to the Blue Hill Skyline trail run on Sunday and I also just registered for the Wapack Trail Race in September…looks like a lot of fun! I still haven’t decided which 50k to run the Pisgah or Vermont, I’m leaning towards Vermont, I’ll keep you posted! On another note, we were at this 4th of July party yesterday and someone told my daughter Niamh she could run really fast...and she said I run fast like my was very brought a huge smile to my face : )

Anyway Keep on Keeping on!

Week 1 complete:

M) 4M-city trail
T) Rest
W) 6M-city trail
Th) 4M-city trail
F) Rest
Sun)90min trail run