Thursday, June 29, 2006

Never say Never

Matt thanks for welcoming me to the neighborhood! I am truly humbled from all the support and encouragement I have received! We come from all different places and backgrounds to share our passion for running! It doesn’t matter if it’s your first 5k to your 10th 100miler; we all started somewhere… when I discuss marathons/ultras with friends and family, a comment I most often hear is “I could never do that”….I think never is such a strong word, they’re selling themselves short by setting these limits…I reply by saying…..anyone can run and marathon or ultra it just takes:

The courage to start
The strength to endure
The resolve to finish

Like all of you out there....everyday people with an extraordinary drive, passion, and commitment to go the distance! I look forward to reading your future post and wish everyone a successful journey!


"We are all natural-born runners, although many of us forget this fact"
Bernd Heinrick