Friday, October 20, 2006


What will they think of next???

I just netflixed Grizzly Man, this looks like some wild stuff!

On Sunday my dad and I are running in the Groton Town Forest Trail Race, he's running the 3.4 and I'm doing the 9.5 miler for some more Grand Tree points...most of these trail races I've been taking pretty easy but this one I'm gona push my vo2 to the max...yup I'm gona get a little competitive, I know it's not to buddha like o-well = )

Speaking of Buddha or Laughing Buddha:

"A rather inaccurate name given by Westerners to the Bodhisattva Maitreya as he is depicted in Chinese iconography. Maitreya means the Loving or Friendly One and consequently ancient artists thought it appropriate to depict this bodhisattva as a rotund, cheerfully smiling character. Statues of Maitreya are usually found at the entrance of Chinese temples and among more superstitious Chinese Buddhists are sometimes worshipped as a god of good luck and prosperity" per buddist studies by the way also a great website..very informative!!

I dropped this little fact in just to give you more of an idea how the title Running Buddha came to term!

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night