Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Race on!

No running the past two days, I’m nursing a cold but very happy it’s this week and not next week prior to Stone Cat! Guess what??? I showed up 15 minutes early to the Groton Town Forest Trail race...crazy huh!! I was having trouble breathing thru my nose and was worried this cold would hold me back but I managed to do well…. I pushed myself to the limit finishing the 9.5 mile trail race in 1:17, earning myself the most Grand Tree points to date (74 points) To be honest it was fun racing, it actually got very competitive with a few runners around me, I would take the lead for awhile then another runner would pass, so on and so forth! At the 7 mile mark I made my move and pushed pass about five runners…I was really worried I made the jump to quick and was going to burn out, but it’s better to burn out then fade away!! The great thing about trail racing is as you pass your fellow runners they congratulated you and wish you well! The group I was running with all hung around at the finish line for a while joking and having a few good laughs. I meet some really nice people and a caught up with a few familiar faces I’ve seen at past races....another great race...and PROPS to my dad for running his 1st trail race, he ran the 3.4 miler and had a great time…thanks for the company dad!! Funny comment my dad made when I asked who won he said "one of the guy's with the shaved head and no shirt" lol...there were about four of them standing around us that over heard my dad, needless to say they laughed.
I was just over at Kim’s site and she posted this cool Life Path Number thing…I just did mine:

Your Life Path Number is 7

Your purpose in life is to find truth and meaning

You are very spiritual, and you are interested in the mysteries of life.
You are quite analytical and a great thinker. You have many theories and insights.
A life of solitude is perfect for you. You need time to think and do things your way.

In love, you are quite charming. You attract many with your confidence and wit.

While you enjoy being alone, sometimes you take it to an extreme.
You can become too isolated, shutting out loved ones and friends.
Express yourself a little bit more, and you'll be surprised where it takes you!

I usually don't give these a second thought but this one holds some truth to it, I've been working on expressing myself, giving others guidance, becoming more confident in myself and abilities, hey even started this blog and I am very happy where it’s taken me!! What is your number?