Monday, October 30, 2006

Stone Cat on the Verge

By Anne Stortz

When all the world is looming dark
And things seem not so clear,
When shadows seem to hover 'round
Lord, may I persevere.

When it seems everything's been tried
And there's no way to go,
Just let me keep remembering
Sometimes the journey's slow.

I may just need to stop and rest
Along the path I trod,
A time to try to understand
And have my talk with God.

As I gain new strength to carry on
Without a doubt or fear,
Somehow I know things will be right,
And so, I persevere.

Well here I sit drinking my Stone Cat Ale & thinking
will I persevere
will I fail
will I start out to fast and fade
can I finish in under 11 hours to qualify for WS100
my pre-race strategy
my race strategy
I should have done more long runs
ahh...woulda coulda shoulda
50 miles is a long way to drive nevermind run
when the idea to run 50 miles popped into my head
when the idea to actually try this popped into my head
running four loops could get a little repetitive
why my co-workers looked at me like I was a three headed monster when I told them what I was doing this weekend
what to pack
it's only Monday
what’s on TV
if that guy in Grizzly Man was crazy
why I’m always hungry
does beer count as carbo-loading
now that fall is almost over I should go rake up some of those leaves in our yard
Naah...I'll go read some blogs
don’t give the kids anymore sugar because right now they're both running around the house in there Cinderella and a cowboy costumes saying "GIVE ME CANDY"
Giddy-up it’s time to go carve some pumpkins, let the massacre begin!

Happy Halloween