Monday, November 13, 2006

Random Thoughts

The Grand Tree Trail Race Series wrapped up and after running 6 of the 24 races I finished with 69 Grand Tree Points and placed 40 out of a field of 63. I’m looking forward to getting an early start next year with Seven Sisters and Nipmuck Marathon.

More thoughts from Stone Cat

I’ve found completing ultra’s successfully comes down to two things endurance and mental stamina. For starters I used the course to my advantage and broke each loop into an individual race, never think about the end during an Ultra or you’re doomed from the start. This is what happened as I began the third loop I got greedy and thought about what was in front of me not behind me. I lost focus and the dreaded wall was hanging over me. Thoughts went a stern and I started concentrating on my aching legs and the distance I needed to cover. I keep moving, placing one foot in front of the other and before it hit me I was standing at the four mile aid station. It’s a tricky thing this mind, I ran the last loop on pure adrenaline knowing I was finishing this race and because of drinking, eating and walking early on the last few miles were very memorable and enjoyable! I hope running 100 miles will be as enjoyable of an experience.

Completing my first 50 mile trail race has only fueled my fire to run 100 miles. So to keep this flame going I’ve decided to register for the Vermont 100!

Umstead 100 is really filling-up quickly; my wife Cathy meet a very nice GAC member she also had a daughter Niamh’s age so the two of them played together throughout the day, she mentioned to Cathy that I should try Umstead in March, I was all ears but I may be doing the Mr. Mom thing in March because Cathy could be traveling to India for two weeks for work?

Something funny my daughter said on my last loop was “daddy are you done yet” LOL

More random stuff

Starting today I’m working in some tempo/interval runs to get ready for the Coast to Coast Marathon on December 16th I may even hit the track, one thing is for certain my endurance is right were it should be but my anaerobic threshold (AT) needs some work. The next few weeks are going to hurt, but will benefit my overall fitness.

2008 Western States is on the horizon, we’ve been discussing traveling plans and may bring the kids along for some family fun. This is a very difficult event to plan for because of the lottery but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens come December 2007.

On my mind for the spring is to try and host a fun adventure run along Mid-State Trail which runs 92 miles thru Massachusetts, maybe break it up into two or three days.

And it's almost that time of year agian so Santa if your out there

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good runner this year please

Register me for VT100

leave me one of those fancy Nathan HPL 020 2.0L Race Vest

and how about a pair of Mizuno Precision 7 shoes for the road and Inov-8 for the trails

Thank you Santa ; )