Sunday, January 28, 2007

50k or bust?

A dnf 50K to 25K, yes yesterday’s Fat Ass 50k was a bust! But in a very good way! The opportunity to meet some new people and catch the sunrise as its colors dashed out over the Atlantic Ocean was enough to make my day. With the arctic air, unusual tundra, and frozen water bottles I felt like I was running in Alaska. It was bitterly cold in the morning but I had my layers of gear to keep me warm and within a mile I was toasty. It’s hard to paint the picture but it was kind of a weird day for me, my heart just wasn’t in this one, but everything else was, I was physically capable, I was around a wonderful group of runners, fun and interesting course (if you don’t mind extreme cold, sand and ice), great supporters “bless there souls", and the beautiful Cape Cod scenery. What a backdrop anyway I can list the excuses out for you one by one but I’ll spare the details, I will add an interesting factor and something I haven’t encounter in any race is the ability to see for miles and miles out on the horizon, the beach and ocean are so vast it can be overwhelming, at times I felt like I was going nowhere, I lost my perception of time and was very disoriented. With only another 15 miles to go I just couldn't gather the willpower, unfortunately it just wasn’t my day out there so I called it as is and ventured on over to the Hearth n' Kettle for a huge breakfast to drown my sorrows in = )

As things go “don't worry be happy”, there’s always next time and plenty of more adventures to be had this year!