Monday, February 05, 2007

Ice Capades

Jeepers it got cold quick, thank goodness we’re half way through winter, if anyone’s counting there are 43 days left until spring. Yesterday I went for an unexpected two hour run and its days like these when I test my wife’s patience. Before I headed out the door I sort of told my wife I’d be back in 45 minutes, the famous last words of an obsessed runner. I ran over to Cutler Park a local trail system about a mile and half from my doorstep and just got carried away. Once in the reservation I picked up the Blue Heron trail, which runs like a maze with constant switchbacks through the marsh filled land of the Charles River, it’s a fun place. I was feeling good, enjoying the scenery as the trail crossed a number of boardwalks when suddenly I felt a chill and quickly realized the sun was disappearing so I immediately high tailed it for home. On my way home the mercury dropped so fast the sweat dripping from the brim of my hat turned into icicles, it would have made for a cool picture.

With all the winter activities this time of year here I found this excellent video well worth watching before you venture out to remote territory. You learn something new everyday and this is some serious knowledge even if you’re not sitting in ice. Btw Eric & Michelle ice baths don’t count!

Among other things I found some time to fill in this fun Marathon Maniac questionnaire

Okay Bob since we’re on this whole weird subject I’ll repeat what I posted on your blog:

I try not to be normal; abnormality is just so much more fun!

Now I think I’ll go hibernate...