Thursday, March 22, 2007

Still Kickin

I’m still out here running and livin! Things have been very busy over the past few months! My wife is expecting our third child in early September and has been extremely tired which is expected because her body is changing in so many ways. I’ve been busy doing my best around the house to give her a break and support her during this endurance event of a much longer and harder kind!

Over the past weekend the kids and I drove up to New Hampshire to visit my parents who were staying in Waterville Valley. This allowed Mommy to catch up on her sleep and get a little peace and quiet. We had a great time sledding, swimming at the Nordic Center and just being outdoors. My dad and I got in some XC skiing and running we had a blast on the trails around Waterville Valley (that’s where the picture was taken). I’m looking forward to getting back up there in April for a traverse along the Kinsman Ridge Trail.

I’m on the speed now endurance later plan. My long runs have been cut short and when I do manage to get out there I try to run hard, by running at an anaerobic threshold or race pace with hills, snow, mud, intervals, and tempo runs I image this will increase my VO2 max to some extent. For now it’s keeping me occupied but I miss spending those long hours on the trails!

An ultra runner I ran into down at Cape Cod FA50k just so happens to live in the next town over and I’ve had the opportunity to do some trail running with him and who has also offered to pace me for VT100, plus just became a member of the Marathon Maniacs MM#492 so now I have a partner in crime! We’re thinking about doing some fun training runs down the road and registering for Nipmuck Trail Marathon and Walter Childs Memorial Marathon, and others. Depending how the weather plays out this week and if it warms up a bit around here to melt some of this snow covering the trails then maybe we’ll have the option to head out to Blue Hills for a nice long jaunt either Saturday or Sunday. Bring on the sunshine…….

Enjoy the day & enjoy your run