Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Monster Month

Monster Month
You are now entering the monster month, the most critical and difficult month! It’s about time and this week is a full moon phase! Morning runs, day runs and night runs…..yee-ha! Seriously I should keep my running stuff on all day because all I do is run; I even started running to work. The neighbors may think I’m crazy but it’s got to be one of the coolest feelings to wake up walk out the front door and run to the office. It’s the best 8 mile commute, no buses, no trains, no crowds of strangers, just me and the open road; actually would you believe that the entire route I follow into the city is only about 10 percent pavement. If there’s a dirt patch I’ll find it!

Spring Burn - Blue Hill

by Philip Frey
in Gallery: FauvistLandscapes

"This painting was made a few years ago of Blue Hill, Maine. Every other year blueberry fields are burned, making a very striking landscape and juxtaposition of bright oranges, yellows and lime greens."

Fun in the forest
On Sunday I ventured out to Blue Hills Reservation for a romp. I ran the rocky and hilly 9 mile Skyline Trail out-and-back for a total of 18 tough gut wrenching miles. This trial is one rock fest and if you’re ever wondering where they put all the rocks when they built Boston they sprinkled them along the Skyline Trail. I pushed my body hard, partly motivated by the swarms of deer flies that would pounce on me the minute I stopped but thanks to these pests I managed to complete the out-and-back run in 3.5 hours a personal best. The remnants of the wildfire from a few weeks ago were still evident. Lot’s of controlled burning had taken place along the Skyline Trail, some patches were still smoldering! The landscape reminded me of being out west. Here’s Boston Globes article from May 17th. It’s interesting I can’t seem to find much more information about the wildfires?

Next up
I’m also trying to work out future details for another adventure, the Mount Sunapee to Mount Monadnock Traverse I had originally planned to run back in April never happened unfortunately at the time there were many reports of snow on the trails and the 22- mile Tully Trail loop wasn’t what I anticipated. Today I have a new aspiration the Mt. Moosilauke to Kinsman Ridge Traverse maybe this weekend, next or even make the trip out mid-week. As you can tell I’m ready and eager get Wild in the Whites.

Up, up and away!