Thursday, September 25, 2008


To spin, or not to spin: that is the question:

Countless times I can recall walking past a spinning class in my gym and thinking to myself how boring who would want to ride a stationary bike in a small hot room with a bunch of strangers. So when I received a personal invitation from a spinning instructor to participate in her class I was a bit apprehensive, I’ve never done a triathlon nor do have any road cycling experience but she convinced me I would have fun and get in a hard workout. I arrived early enough to get the low down on spinning and quickly learn the proper technique involves five core movements and three hand positions. One of the first things I noticed are the many similarities the spin cycle has to the road bicycle in regards to fit and feel with toe clips, handlebar and saddle. 6:30AM I hop on and get ready for my morning warm-up. Once the music starts I quickly flush out all preconceive notions I have. I fiddle with the resistance knob to little and I’m bouncing all over the place to much and I can barley keep the bike in motion, after a few intervals I start to get the hang of it trying to stay in control and focus on my form. I crank up the RPM's as I pedal along with the instructor and group through seated sprints, simulated hill climbs and upright cycling. Half way through the class and I find myself looking at the clock for relief, my legs are burning and my heart rate is around 90%. Sweat drips down my forehead onto the bike; I focus on the music and push through the intervals finding my rhythm. After I climb off my bike my legs are heavy and I think to myself never again will I underestimate spinning. It’s fun, challenging and a great alternative to running and will fit perfectly in my weekly running routine. I’m looking forward to the next class.
To spin