Sunday, October 19, 2008

Running in the Nevada Desert

It's been a busy few weeks, last weekend I traveled to the Berkshires with the family and had a wonderful time, this weekend was busy getting ready for Halloween and the trip to Las Vegas this week.

Not much running going on around here which just so happens to coordinate with my schedule since I'm in taper mode for the World of HURT way over across the country in Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, NV on Saturday 10/25. I can’t wait to run under the hot sun, with sand in my shoes and nothing but desert for miles. Sound fun to anyone else?

Elite Athlete Meet and Greet - Red Rock Running Company

Another huge bonus is some elite runners have registered for WOH so I’m bringing my digital camera –

Scott Jurek
Josh Brimhall
Hal Koerner
Ian Torrence
Jenn Shelton
Susannah Beck

WOW-----I don't want to get stampeded on by this crew, second thought I could just sit back in a lawn chair enjoy a cold beer and watch this one unfold.

Anyway I should start packing but first I was thinking about an adventure for next year – Top of the list is -

Bighorn 100 Wild & Scenic Trail Run, everything about this race is appealing to me, the Montana Mountains, the scenery, the environment, the sheer challenge plus it's a qualifier for Hardrock 100.

Okay okay now I’ll go do some packing…