Friday, March 06, 2009

A good 100

Angeles Crest or Grindstone
A western adventure –
Like most endurance runners I've been intrigued with Western States from the beginning but these days with all the hype surrounding the event I have switched focus to Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run the lesser known cousin down the street. My favorite aspect of this race is the point-to-point course in the eastern San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest also host to other great ultra's like Leona Divide and Mt. Disappointment. But at the same time I’m still a little hesitant to hit the submit button it’s a long way from Boston to LA especially when I have the option of a fall Grindstone 100 down in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s a difficult decision I'm torn between the two events but I think it’s about time I have my grand old western adventure. Either way in the end there’s going to be a one hundred mile mountain assault : )

In the meantime I found some light reading in the bargain bin only a dollar a book.