Friday, October 08, 2010

Morning Coffee Inspiration

An inspiration in the ultra running community Krissy Moehl speaks from the heart about life and running in this series of short videos by Patagonia the outdoor clothing company titled Tracing the Edge.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

To learn more about Krissy’s passion for life & running check out her blog Life in Motion

Another great short video documenting two Patagonia athletes on their June 2005 free ascent of the West Face (5.13b) of Leaning Tower.

It’s amazing to watch as they flow with fluid motion up this Yosemite big wall using no aid or rope to make upward progress.

But like most Americans I work 30+ hours a week and get caught up in my daily life, raising four cubs takes a lot of patience and time but as I’ve documented through this blog even with a career and family it’s still possible to get out there and do what you love – make the time live a little less ordinary do something extraordinary because -

“Every new skill, every new experience, every new accomplishment redefines who you are. Your past informs the present and the present inspires the future”