Monday, June 12, 2006


"Nature meets me as I flow along the forest floor, stones and roots beneath my feet, above trees sway form side to side, along this path I transcend to the unknown and when I emerge homeward bound the time has come to leave this world…..but never strays from my mind".

On Sunday I ran some nice trials starting from Nahanton Park in Newton and followed the Blue Heron trailheads a relatively new trail system done by the DCR. The trail runs about 10 miles through local parkland. Great run……see (Fun Run) on my sidebar for more information and pictures. I’m seriously thinking about running the Vermont 50 in September. Looks like a great event, plus there is no limit to the number of runners and you can register any time up until the day of the event. If things go well I could consider the 50 mile…but training wise, the 50k would be the best bet. Among other things I just registered for the Blue Hills Skyline trail run next month…..looking forward it!! Thanks for reading.....Take Care,

Wilderness author John Daniel wrote that “motion for him [Muir] was not a pathology but a devotion, an essential joy, a continuous discovery of place and self.”