Friday, June 09, 2006

Hello Conundrum


I thought would elaborate on a recent article that appeared in New England Sports Magazine!! It’s really funny how a simple nod followed by Hello…how’s it going will send some runners scrambling for the hills! Just yesterday I was running along the Charles River near downtown Boston, it was fairly early in the morning and I’m slogging through the rain wet to the bone, I see another runner fast approaching I give the old nod Hello….how’s it going he was overcome with this expression of horror…so I checked if had my shorts on!! It was then and there I decided to say hello to every runner I passed which that day happen to be around five or six people…the results…most women made eye contact and acknowledge the hello with a node…most of the men just got confused by the simple word hi maybe I should have listened to my parents when they told me not to speak to strangers. Just remember to greet someone, answer the telephone, or express surprise use the word Hello. So give it a try, you may find it contagious!

Bon Weekend,