Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why Ultras

Yes running 26 miles was grueling and to do this twice sounds crazy. You may wonder why??? My appeal to ultras is the fact most races are held on trails throughout the world. In fact I think it would be hard to find a road ultra these days, trails are just easier on the body and mind. Trail running differs markedly from road running, more commonly trails tend to traverse varying terrain, hills, mountains, deserts, forests, narrow traverses and a road takes no other form than pavement. I think on roads or road races we run at much more intense pace, I know I ran Boston at a very intense pace and while trail running I get this feeling of satisfaction from running at a comfortable pace, I’m not bound by time…the simple satisfaction of running through nature…far outweighs the satisfaction of setting a new PR. In a way running a 50 mile ultra seems comparable to running a marathon. Essentially both take the same amount of training, dedication and discipline, on race day change pace, duration, frame of mind and you're ready to run an ultra. My plan is to first try a few long distance trail races and get my feet wet. Two events that come to mind are the Jay Challenge and the Escarpment Trail Run both under serious consideration but are next month! I’ve been keeping a good base averaging about 25-30 miles a week…but this week was a goner because I was sick, hopefully I’ll find time to do early morning trail run in Noanet Woodlands on Saturday.

Blaze on and remember limits are only set by your mind,