Thursday, July 20, 2006


Running Buddha vs The Dam
August 12, 2006 9:00 AM

2006-07-09-----Blue Hills Skyline -----Milton, MA----------Running Buddha W07 1:37
2006-08-12------The Dam Trail---------Oxford, MA----------TBA
2006-09-03------Wapack--------------- New Ipswich, NH----TBA
2006-09-17------Pisgah Mountain------Chesterfield, NH----TBA
2006-10-14-------Diamond Hill----------Cumberland, RI----TBA
2006-10-22-------Groton Forest---------Groton, MA---------TBA
2006-09-04-------Stone Cat---------------Ipswich, MA-------TBA

Runner Bio:

On April 17, 2006, Ryan (aka Running Buddha) made his debut in the 110th Boston Marathon, after a tremendous battle at mile 20 he overcame heartbreak hill and went on to make history by finishing his first marathon! Now three months later and the experience of Boston a mere memory; he begins a new challenge! On September 17, 2006 he will take on PISGAH, a scenic 50k trail race, mostly single track, moderately challenging course through NH’s largest State Park. But before tackling this brute, he must face his next opponent THE DAM! This event will take place August 12, 2006 in Oxford, MA and is part of the Grand Tree Series. The Dam Trial Race is a 9 mile rolling course covering a variety of terrain; for a successful win Running Buddha will have to take on the dam’s muddy trails and pesky bugs! Results to come =)