Wednesday, July 26, 2006


We relocated to the CAPE! Just kidding but it seems like that….after all the crap we took with us, the BOB jogger took up half the trunk! Plus, my daughter has food allergies she is allergic to (eggs, wheat, peanuts, and beef) so this makes going anywhere extremely difficult. Before we go to a restaurant we have to prepare her food in advance, only adding to the confusion of trying to get everyone out the door! So far so good, the kids are having fun, naps are not on the agenda, so the minute we get in the car the kids are out cold, plus they’ve been staying up until 10pm =( TG they’re at least sleeping until 8am =) I don’t think you can call going away with two children a vacation, but I cherish every moment spent with them!!! =) I’ve been getting all my runs in at night, running along the well-lit route 28, I miss the trails! Looking forward to catching-up on everyone's post have a great week!