Monday, August 14, 2006


Running Buddha vs. the Dam Trail
10 ½ Rounds, 1:38
Saturday 12, 2006

I woke up early on Saturday morning shuffled around the house nervously! Ate some breakfast and hit the road at 7:30 for a 45 minute drive to Oxford, Ma. Cruising along the Mass Pike enjoying my coffee and nodding my head to Jack Johnson’s cd Thicker than Water! Vvvrrrrrrrvvvvrrrrr---ump. What the?? From out of no where the Dam throws its first punch, a vicious left hook. FLAT TIRE! GOD DAM!! I was down fast, after a record setting pit stop…I pulled back onto the pike! Clock reads 8:15, I make a quick decision to repair the tire after the race and turn onto back roads just to be cautious. I arrive with 10 minutes to spare! Flustered but not out for the count…nice try DAM.

Round 1
The action started off quick with both fighters on the defense, testing each other out! The dust quickly settled and the Dam started to show a well-fought match! RB went out fast and nimble pouncing on the dam’s flat trails. Stepping into the ring in the third round the Dam landed power punches left and right, dazed and confused RB went off the course, losing precious time and confidence! After a brief knock down RB was back head up and running strong! The fight lasted 10 ½ plus rounds and in the end Running Buddha prevailed!

The Dam trail tossed everything it had at me!! “Thank you” to the Dam’s ferocious performance, for future races I’ll keep an eye out for those trail markings!! Next up Running Buddha will take on Wapack!!