Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A little of everything

Traveled to New Jersey to celebrate my grandfathers 90th birthday, it was a wonderful weekend! 90 and still going strong; when asked about living to 90, he replied I eat my broccoli and enjoy a Tom Collins everyday at noon! So there you have it, eat your greens, have a little liquor at noon and you’re on your way to living to 100! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to explore the local trails in Basking Ridge, heck I didn’t even run. I started off the week a little moody but after doing a double on Monday, 1 hour run in the morning and a 1 hour run in the evening, I feel better! Today is a 90 minute city trail run and another double on Thursday! I’ve been logging all my training in hours/minutes. I really enjoy this style of training, no distance to keep track of, no split times to record, just run. For Boston I did tempo runs, intervals, strides, I was a nervous wreck. Today, I’m a happier more relaxed runner and enjoying every step to my first Ultra. =)

BAA News:

Speaking of the Boston Marathon the BAA just released news: the 2007 Boston Marathon will begin at 10am. OMG, no more noon time start. JK, this is a smart move, not sure why this didn’t happen years ago.


I ordered a new piece of gear MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR Phantom Anorak Jacket for the fall! Phantom Anorak is superlight and ultra-compressible, great for long trail runs, plus EMS was having a sale!

Labor Day:

The 18 mile Wapack Trail race is coming-up on September 3rd: One of the things I’m looking forward to is running on the ridgeline, a 21-mile ridgeline hiking trail that runs from Monadnock Highlands from Massachusetts’s Mount Watatic to New Hampshire’s Pack Monadnock, hence the name Wa-Pack.

"Henry David Thoreau described the Wapack Range as, 'the most novel and interesting walk that I can think of in these parts"

On a personal note:

Your feedback is one of the great benefits of blogging, thank you! I like how Rob’s advice comes with a warning =)

The wild world is waiting. Where are you?