Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blogs Away

I guess after a year of blogging I finally ran out of stuff to say, hmm…….

I’m glad to hear/read everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, our Thanksgiving was wonderful and food was a plenty…..I was lucky enough to have two meals one with my family and leftovers the following day at my mother-in laws. We celebrated my daughter’s three year old birthday on Saturday, her princess party went well and everyone had a great time…she received lots of nice gifts, Barbie’s, Hello Kitty makeup and Disney princess gear were the main themes….she is in heaven! So today if you ask her what her name is she’ll tell you “Niamh Cinderella”…I got a good laugh from this….another good laugh last night I told her the boogieman was coming and she said “oh does he need some tissues”… say the funniest things! Lot’s of stuff going on over the next few weeks I’m hoping to see Greg Brown perform on Thursday night, this weekend my grandparents are coming-up and on Sunday Niamh is taking Mommy and Nana to the Nutcracker, so us boy’s are going to rule the house and have some fun watching tons of football! Running has been held down with a lingering cold; I got the guts up last night to run nine miles around the streets of West Roxbury partly motivated to try my new pair of Pearl Izumi syncroFLOAT and these things really do float, light with good cushioning, very happy with the discount purchase of $35 bucks! Although this morning I was hurting my body just isn’t accustomed to logging the miles on pavement, after digesting some Motrin for breakfast my legs felt a little better maybe I’ll go for a nice recovery run today. I’ve been running on the roads to get myself ready for this Coast to Coast marathon on December 16th in Rhode Island which I’m looking forward too! Another thing on my list of things to do is evening runs with the Parkway Running Club and last week I made it out to the Y for the 6:30 P.M. run, it was nice to catch-up with everyone and hope to make this a weekly thing. Among other things I’ve been enjoying browsing the internet for some good races in May & June to use as training runs for the VT100 and have been doing my research on VT100, I’m currently working on building a solid training schedule; I can’t let Olga down!

Finally after browsing over my post from the past year I think I found the main theme - I LOVE TO RUN!